One of the concepts learned in the business world is that companies and individual workers possess different maturity levels, meaning that their ability to effectively complete activities differ. A non-business example could be: suppose you wanted somebody to prepare dinner for you. Would you expect the same results from your nine year old son as [...]

The Project-Transform system evolved from my own experiences of an overwhelmed personal life coupled with a career path as a business analyst/ project manager that left me feeling unfulfilled. My usual response to being overwhelmed was to search for a spiritual solution. Although my spiritual pursuits occasionally gave me moments of temporary peace, I realized [...]

Silence as a Self-Coaching Tool I grew up as the oldest child in a large family. Our home was filled with activity and noise, and if you wanted to be heard you had to talk fast and you had to be loud. I’ve noticed I’ve carried those habits of communication into my adulthood. Through my [...]

Will Self-Coaching Work for You? You’ve probably heard about all the experts, the seminars and the gurus who can allegedly help you change, whatever your personal problem might be. But whether you experience anxiety, lack of confidence or any other condition, there’s one other method that will get you to where you want to go. [...]

Are you interested in becoming a life coach? Life coaching is a very rewarding profession which allows you to have the flexibility of working from home. If you enjoy working with people, are goal oriented and are willing to handle the administrative tasks associated with running your own business, then you should consider becoming a [...]